Songs for our Seas


Songs for our Seas

The year was 1969.

Judy Collins, inspired by a single whale song given to her by Roger Payne, records and releases Whales & Nightingales. The album goes gold. Two years later, the newly started Greenpeace found inspiration from Payne’s Capitol Records whale song album, and a new environmental era and movement was born: "Save the Whales”

Their campaign saved the whales but somehow, we lost our way ...

In today’s ocean there are only…

500 Gray Whales

300 Beluga Whales

100 Southern Resident Killer Whales

8M new pieces of plastic waste annually

1 seismic blast every ten seconds

706M gallons of waste oil annually


Oceana and Lonely Whale Foundation have joined forces to create an unparalleled project ...

Together, with the voice and inspiration of notable artists, we will share the song of the whales introducing the world to their mystery, their beauty — and their plight — through collaborative efforts across multiple content channels.

We are producing the 50th anniversary whale song album.